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Injection techniques, Vessels and Nerves - Barcelona 2018 - Notes from the Faculty

Here you find notes regarding the XI Sonoanatomy Course in Barcelona 

Nerve histology and anatomy

Vascularization of tendons and ligaments

3D US of feeding vessels of the hand

Entrapment Syndroms of the upper extremity

Cluneal nerve block in low back pain, Article:

Facet joint and medial branch block

Posterior femoral cutaneous nerve block

Superior gluteal nerve, attached to bone and artery / indication: gtps! Cave Trendelenburg after injection. Download pdf

SI Joint. Download pdf

Pudendal nerve block / just in between two ligaments

Total knee block / saphenous in the obturator canal (in between sartorius, vastus medialis and gracilis muscle), 2 medial and 1 Material infragenicular branches (Branches of the infragenicular branch just under the patellar ligament, one nerve just at the bone Level semimembranosus)

Axillary brachial plexus nerve block near artery just lateral of the quadrilateral space,  radial nerve overlying the latissmus dorsi / external rotation. Download PDF about Anatomy and vascularization of the shoulder

Suprascapular nerve block / in the fossa supraspinata in retractile capsulitis

Lateral pectoral nerve block / under pectoralis minor muscle and overlying the pectoralis major muscle. Download pdf

Musculocutaneous nerve block in elbow problems, Median nerve and musculocutaneus are near, musculocutaneus is towards humerus 

Accessory XI nerve in between Levator scapulae and Trapezius muscle

Sciatic nerve sonoanatomy 

Peroneal nerve ultrasound anatomy

Tarsal tunnel ultrasound. PDF Download