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Arnold-Hilgartner classification: haemophilic arthropathy

Arnold-Hilgartner classification is a plain radiograph grading system for haemophilic arthropathy of the knee:

• Stage 0: normal joint

• Stage I: no skeletal abnormalities, soft-tissue swelling is present

• Stage II: osteoporosis and overgrowth of the epiphysis, no cysts, no narrowing of the cartilage space

• Stage III: early subchondral bone cysts, squaring of the patella, widened notch of the distal femur or humerus, preservation of the cartilage space

• Stage IV: findings of stage III, but more advanced; narrowed cartilage space

• Stage V: fibrous joint contractures, loss of the joint cartilage space,
extensive enlargement of the epiphyses with substantial disorganization
of the joint




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