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Sternocostal diseases

Possible differential diagnosis of unilateral SCG swelling

Mechanical enthesopathy - Overload syndromes - Trauma

Inflammatory enthesitis - Peripheral spondyloarthritides (e.g. psoriatic arthritis, SAPHO syndrome, reactive arthritis) - Endocrinopathies (e.g. diabetes, hypothyroidism) - Crystalline arthropathies (e.g. gout, CPPD)

Arthritis - Septic - Inflammatory rheumatic diseases (e.g. rheumatoid arthritis, peripheral spondyloarthritis) - Crystalline arthritis (e.g. gout, CPPD)

Osteitis/ Osteomyelitis - Septic - Aseptic (e.g. SAPHO syndrome, CRMO) - Osteitis clavicularis condensans

Subluxation - Traumatic with ligamentous lesions - Benign subluxation (mainly women, dominant side) - Articular hyperlaxity

Arthrosis - primary (rare) - secondary (for all other mentioned diseases), with or without subluxation

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