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Ultrasound Center Rheumatology - UZR - Team

Dr. med. G. Tamborrini-Schütz, Facharzt FMH Rheumatologie, FA SGUM, FA SSIPM

Elisa Provenzano, MPA

Jacqualine Zollinger, MPA

Nadine Nietlispach, MPA


The Ultrasound Center and Institute for Rheumatology - UZR - is a co-founder of QIR ("Quality in Rheumatology" - work group) with a goal of ensuring standards for quality control and quality improvement in diagnostic and interventional ultrasound in rheumatology (hrMSUS) in Switzerland.

Of central concern is the resulting benefit for the patient.

Improving the structural quality by boosting competence and maintaining professional expertise in ultrasound practice of trained and certified specialists is crucial. Prerequisites for producing good quality include transparent documentation of patient management (e.g., in registries) or for example creating opportunities to compare between individual service providers in musculoskeletal rheumatological ultrasound.

The close cooperation between physician and patient is at the center. Patient participation, for example in therapy planning with the help of patient-oriented information by the doctor, is a central concern.


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